Three’s 5G to provide broadband


Mobile network company Three looks set to become the first UK provider to deliver home broadband through 5G, though only in London at first.

The firm said customers can connect to 5G themselves by plugging in a router, without having to wait for an engineer. It claimed speeds would be as fast as on fiber broadband, but didn’t confirm prices.

Three’s announcement makes it the third network after EE and Vodafone to reveal its 5G plans. After the launch in London in August, Three will make 5G available in 24 other cities by the end of the year, including Cardiff, Glasgow, Sheffield, Slough and Sunderland (for more info visit (

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It didn’t say whether home broadband would be available in these areas, or just mobile 5G for phones and tablets.

Three’s 25 cities beats Vodafone’s 19 (link) and EE’s 16 (link). EE launched its network in six cities in May before planning to extend it later this year, while Vodafone launched in seven cities in July ahead of adding more by before the end of 2019.

Three claims its network will be at least twice as fast as their rivals because they have more of the SG spectrum to use. EE has told users they’ll get speeds of 100-150 Mbps, so Three customers will expect to hit up to 300 Mbps.


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