Virtual private networks (VPNs) are as useful on your phone and tablet as on your PC. After all, you will often use your mobile device to store personal photos, chat with friends and family, and perhaps even do your shopping and banking. But which VPN app should you use?

Opera has solved that dilemma.

Opera Browser for Android (Opera browser with free VPN) now has an unlimited built-in VPN that’s completely free. You don’t even have to log in to use it – simply tap the little red ‘0’, Settings, then tap the VPN slider and choose a ‘Virtual location’ (see screenshot below). This creates a private, encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your device and a remote VPN server, preventing anyone from tracking your activity or seeing your real location. If you use Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels and airports, Opera’s VPN is a great way to lock out hackers.

Opera’s VPN unlocks other benefits too. You can use it to access apps and streaming services whose creators have blocked them in your actual location – such as the BBC iPlayer app while you’re abroad. It may even let you download apps that have been released in your ‘virtual location’ but not in your real one. Whatever you do using the VPN, Opera won’t log or retain any of your activity.

Opera has been testing its built-in VPN for months in Opera Browser Beta (Opera browser beta). It’s freely available via the Google Play Store and well worth installing if you want to be the first to use Opera’s next must-have tools.


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