There are many hacks you can use that are not obviously part of the mobile operating systems and if you know where they are you are good to go. You can also utilize many other options to bring new functionality to your mobile Apple devices.

1.Stop the music

Within the Timer function of the iPhone Clock app you can go to the ‘When Timer Ends’ section and scroll down to the bottom to select ‘Stop Playing’.

You can now leave music playing, in Apple Music or Spotify and it will automatically stop when the timed duration finishes.

2.Lock the focus

It is annoying when you focus on an object and then move to see the focus lost.

If you hold your finger on the main Camera screen you will
see a lock indicator appear.

The focus is now locked and will not change as the phone moves around.

3.iPhone custom themes

Create custom themes for your iPhone without jail-breaking using tools like iSkin ( or Swiftly (

They take some work to set up, but the creation process is fun and the end results are fantastic.

4.Hack fast charging

When your battery is low and you need to go out, every minute is crucial to get enough charge for your trip.

Go to the Control Center and hit the Airplane Mode icon before you charge to speed up the process.

It really does make a difference.


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