How to fix League of Legends crashes: Patch 10.7

League of Legends crashes
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The gamers report a very high number of League of Legends crashes – both in the game and in slow motion in the client – from patch 10.7. Here’s how to fix this problem.

some League of Legends player has been riddled with performance problems with Patch 10.7.

From login failed and logout, to constant crashes, the latest update hasn’t been the most fluid for players.

Quickly some of these issues resolved by Riot, correcting the servers in a maintenance update on April 7.

However, players still notice an unusually high crash rate. There is an easy solution, however, so don’t worry.

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The problem lies in the log files of the game. Although logs are a convenient way to record player information, a bug was discovered where newspapers continued to write information.

This means that the size of text files has rapidly increased from an average of about one megabyte to more than one gigabyte, and in some cases, up to 34GB.

Having files as big doing nothing is a huge performance killer for all programs, not just League. So if you’ve noticed that your PC is working slowly after a few games, as well as the League constantly blocking itself, deleting log files is a simple solution.

delete all files in your Logs folder for League of Legends to help boost performance.

Navigating to find log files is super easy, but they are stored in two different places.

The first one is pretty simple, if you’ve installed League in the default directory. Browsing through your reader via Riot Games – League of Legends – Logs – LeagueClient Logs should extract all recent logs. You can remove them freely to free up space.

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The other location is under your AppData folder. In Windows, open the Start menu by pressing the Windows button or clicking in the bottom left corner. Then look for ‘% AppData%’. From there, go to AppData Local – Riot Games – Riot Client Logs and delete all logs.

The second location is a bit trickier to find.

This should free up a bunch of disk space and solve all your crash problems since the 10.7 patch update.

If not, double-check that no Riot Games process is in place in your task manager and give your computer a quick restart for good measure.

This should only affect Windows users issue and not Mac users. However, if you encounter crashes on the Apple operating system, searching for your League log folder and deleting all files should do the trick.


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