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LEC: The Games are Made for The Playoffs

Europe knows its six champions who will participate in the playoffs of the Spring Split of the LEC 2020 season.


The eighth week of competition ended last night with an Fnatic victory over Rogue and we now know the names of the six best teams in the regular season who will therefore participate in the playoffs of the Spring Split of the 2020 LEC season.

Everything was decided during the G2 Esports – EXCEL meeting, a meeting led by masterful hands by Perkz and his mates who dominated their opponents over the head and shoulders.

By losing to G2, YoungBuck’s men had no room for error if they still wanted to keep the tiny hope of playing the next stage of the competition, but the G2s were way too strong last night, G2s who couldn’t help but troll a little bit at the end of the game.

This eighth and penultimate week of the championship not only ensured the qualification of the G2 Esports for the qualifiers in the spring segment, but also for Origen, Fnatic, Rogue, Misfits Gaming and MAD Lions.

As for the 4 losers in this split, which are Excel, FC Schalke 04, Team Vitality and SK Gaming, they will have to wait until the summer season to try their luck again.

Although we know the names of the six teams qualified for the playoffs, the regular season is not over yet; the last two regular season games decide the final standings and the placement of the teams in the tree.

G2, Fnatic and Origen will wage a merciless battle to finish at the top of this ranking, but the G2 need only a victory to secure this first place again; next weekend, the men of Ocelote will face FC Schalke 04 as well as Misfits Gaming, this objective seems largely within their reach. For MAD Lions, Rogue and Misfits Gaming, the objective will be to seek the last place in the top 4.

As a reminder, the LEC has changed its format for the playoffs of the 2020 season. Unlike last year, the teams will play in a simulated double elimination tree system with a Winner and a Loser Brackets. In addition, the two best teams no longer benefit from passes for the semi-finals.

This means that the two best teams in the regular season will have the same route as the other four qualified teams and that in order to reach the grand final of the tournament, they will now have to win at least two games.


  • Match 1: the team finishing first chooses its opponent between the teams arriving 3rd and 4th.
  • Match 2: the team finishing second plays the team ranked 3rd or 4th, the one that was not chosen in match 1.
  • Match 3: Teams ranked 5th and 6th meet in Loser’s Bracket.


  • Match 4: The weakest losing team (regular season) between matches 1 and 2 plays the winner of match 3
  • Match 5: the winners of match 1 and 2 compete; the winner qualifies for the grand finale.
  • Match 6: the winner of match 4 plays the strongest losing team (regular season) between the losers of matches 1 and 2.


  • Match 7: The winner of match 6 plays the loser of match 5.
  • Match 8: the winner of match 7 advances to the grand final to face the winner of match 5.

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