LEC: LOL Summer Split 2020: Program, Results, Teams, Match, Format

LEC: LOL Summer Split 2020
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Following and ending this fourth week of COMPETITION of the LEC. The evening’s programme will be Rogue vs SK Gaming, Vitality vs Origen, Fnatic vs S04, G2 Esports vs Excel and Misfits vs MAD Lions.

Competition resumes in Europe on 12 June for the LEC Summer Split. 10 teams in contention will fight during the 8 weeks of the regular season to try to clinch one of the 6 playoff spots.

In the line of sight for all players, a qualification for the League of Legends World Championships, and this year, four teams will be able to participate.

The top three will have direct access to the Main Event, while the fourth will have to get out of the Play-In phase of the Worlds.

After the near-total domination of the G2 Esports in the Spring Split, will the summer segment give us its share of twists and turns?

Saturday, July 4, 2020

  • Match en Bo1
  • Round trip
  • 5 games on Saturday from 5pm to 9pm
  • 5 matches on Sunday from 5pm to 9pm ONLY in the first and final week of the regular season



  • Regular season: January 24 to March 21
  • Playoffs: No date yet


  • Regular season
  • 10 teams
  • 8 weeks of competition
  • Match en Bo1
  • Round trip
  • Top 6 teams at the end of the regular season qualify for the playoffs

The difference this year is largely on the accession to this prestigious competition: the world.

In order to qualify, everything will be played on the summer playoffs during which the six best teams of the European scene will compete for their place for the World Cup.

As you will have understood, the regional qualification disappears completely.

Championship points now define the placement of teams in the playoff tree, their allocation has also been somewhat modified.

As for the format itself, we note the appearance of a looser bracket, an element very little used in high-level competitions on League of Legends.

So here’s what this year’s playoffs will look like:

Week 1

Game 1: The first-ranked team chooses its opponent between the teams that finish 3rd and 4th

Match 2: The team ranked second plays the team ranked 3rd or 4th, the one that was not chosen in Game 1

Game 3: Teams ranked 5th and 6th face off
Week 2

Game 4: The weakest losing team (regular season) between games 1 and 2 plays the winner of Game 3

Game 5: The winners of Game 1 and 2 face off; The winner qualifies for the grand final

Game 6: The winner of Game 4 plays the strongest losing team (regular season) between the losers of Games 1 and 2

Week 3

Game 7: The winner of Game 6 plays the loser of Game 5

Game 8: The winner of Game 7 moves on to the grand final to face the winner of Game 5


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