LEC: The Big Week of Fnatic

Find the program, the rankings and the results of the LEC, League of Legends European Championship, Summer Split, season 2020, the championship in which the best European teams of the circuit participate like Fnatic, G2 Esports or Vitality.

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Name: LEC 2020 Summer Season
Dates: from June 12
Location: offline – Berlin / Germany
Format: regular season in BO1 / Double Round Robin
Teams: ten in a group
Playoffs: Top 6 on championship points qualifies for finals

Official streams:

Riot Games

O’Gaming TV

The novelty for this summer season of the European Championship is that the group stage (or regular season) will take place over 8 weeks (instead of nine as in the past) and we will be entitled to two SuperWeeks: the first in week 1 (opening) and the second in week 8 (closing).

This Summer Split will also include two week breaks: the first after week 4 and the second after week 8, just before the playoffs kick off.

The purpose of this change is to allow flexibility in the timetable in case Riot needs it and thus to adapt the agenda in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Summer Split championship points will only be awarded for performance during the regular season, not after the playoffs as in the previous split.

These points, combined with those obtained at Spring Split, will be used to rank the top 6 teams of the season in the Summer Split playoff tree. Championship Points will no longer be used as a way for teams to qualify for the World Championships.

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All European places for the 2020 World Cup will be determined only by performances during the summer playoffs, championship points will be used to determine the ease (or difficulty) of the path to the World Cup that the teams will have.


After MAD Lions last week, it’s the Fnatic’s turn to have an extremely difficult week, facing their rivals in the standings.

For the Rogue, it is necessary to win a direct victory to confirm that they are indeed the fourth force of the LEC, and can take games to the best teams on the continent.

Hans Sama’s teammates play around their forces at 5, and even if their compositions have weapons to hold on to the lanes, it is once they are together that they can express their full potential.

The team likes to play with two shooters, Corki in the hands of Larssen and a traditional shooter in Hans’s.

Their more collective play than several other currently acclaimed compositions is interesting, but the G2 showed last week that the team could quickly be challenged with an unfavorable lane phase.

For their part, the Fnatic showed last week that Rekkles now knows how to play Soraka to the delight of his mates.

And that this tactic has not been super effective with two consecutive defeats, even if some claim that it is only a fair return of karma after the spam of Garen/Yuumi.

Their defeats took place against strong compositions in teamfight, which seems to suit the Rogue perfectly, so it is likely that the dolphins of Spring Split will try a different kind of composition against Snape, so as not to let go of valuable points against teams apparently less strong than them.

Mithy’s players were able to shine on compositions that revolved around skirmishes, as well as in teamfight during the first week. It would not be surprising to see them return to more conventional drafts this week, especially against the G2.

Rekkles mastery of Syndra will make the draft very interesting, because between it and Sett, both teams can surprise their opponents by putting a champion in an unexpected position.

However, it is not certain that this will be enough to shake Perkz’s teammates.

The defending champions reassured after a half-hearted first week, winning clearly over Schalke and Rogue, while playing daring compositions, notably against Snape with a Twisted Fate and a Kayle, who are champions needing a few items to become real threats.

Jankos did a huge job last week, and if the Fnatic want to win, they’ll have to be even more wary of him than carrys.

Program This Week
Saturday, June 27


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