I used CCleaner, but with every update it became more of a marketing tool, rather than an efficient junk-removal tool.

Also, I wanted more advanced settings when wiping data.

And what I used instead…

Eraser (free from www.eraser.heidi.ie) provided these advanced settings. To use it, press Ctrl+N, then choose how you want to run it (manually, immediately, etc).

The first time you use it, select ‘Run immediately’, then click Add Data below the ‘Data to erase’ box.

Next, select File from the ‘Target type’ menu on the following page, then `British HMG IS5 (Baseline) (1 pass)’ from the ‘Erasure method’ menu (see screenshot).

There are other options to overwrite data, but they take too long. Click Browse…, then navigate to the files you want to remove and click OK.


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